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Thermal Print Paper

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1. Features

1.1 The paper is compatible with thermal printers of various brands, including MITSUBISHI and SONY.
1.2 The paper is resistant to water, fingerprint, and gel drop that may contact with during ultrasound scan.
1.3 The paper boasts its high color density and accurate grey scale, so the medical image is clear and detailed.
1.4 The paper is highly sensitive to heat, so short contact time with thermal head and fast in printing.
1.5 The paper maintains sound chromatic property under high temperature and humid environment.


2. Usage
The paper can be used as output media for ultrasonic, endoscopic microanalysis, workstation, gel imaging system and microscopic analysis. The image lasts for prolonged time without fading. It’s categorized as long-term video thermal paper.


3. Storage
The paper should be stored in shade with temperature lower than 30℃. No exposure to radiation, illumination, high humidity, and dust.


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